2018’s Cosmetic Trends: Breast Augmentation Stays on Top

Close-up of a woman's chest in a brassiere following a breast augmentation surgery.

The 2018 American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ statistics report is here, and the numbers are clear: More women than ever are choosing to boost their confidence with breast augmentation. At my Columbia, MO, practice, breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular surgeries for women in search of cosmetic enhancement. The latest ASPS report shows I’m not the only surgeon to take notice.

In this blog post, I’ll take a closer look at what the numbers reveal and explain how plastic surgery is helping more people feel more confident than ever before.

Why Plastic Surgery Is Growing in Popularity

With a rise of 163% over the last 18 years, it’s clear to see that plastic surgery procedures have become widespread and accessible. One of the possible reasons for the growing numbers, according to ASPS president Alan Matarasso, could be that there are significantly more surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedure options available today than there were in years past. These new procedure options are allowing more people to seek treatments aimed at their unique concerns that may have been untreatable before.

At my practice and across the U.S., we’re seeing a rise in “tweakments”—subtle changes that improve a person’s natural look rather than dramatically transforming it. This is especially true when it comes to breast augmentation; this blog post discusses the growing trend of women choosing smaller, more understated implants. Plastic surgery is now being seen less as a drastic measure and more as a way to help men and women feel more confident in how they look and feel.

Why Breast Augmentation Takes First Place

Breast augmentation was the number one procedure of the year and is consistently one of the most requested procedures at my practice. The surgery has a way of helping women fall in love with the way they look, whether by restoring a pre-baby body or balancing out natural proportions. During my 25-year career, I’ve seen it help thousands of women rediscover their inner vibrancy and femininity.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I make it my priority to deliver attentive care and exceptional results to my breast augmentation patients. This starts with the consultation, which typically runs longer than what’s considered standard. I want each person who visits my office to be happy with their experience and results. An in-depth consultation makes all the difference with breast augmentation or any surgery, and it sets the stage for a surgical process that is positive and transformative.

You can see examples of the results breast augmentation can achieve in our gallery before-and-after photos.

If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation in Columbia, MO, please contact us online or call (573) 443-5500 to request a consultation.

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