Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift: Better Together

Breast augmentation and lift surgeon in Columbia explains how the treatments may be performed together.

If you’ve done even a bit of research on surgical breast enhancement, you’ve probably noticed that these procedures are often combined into a single surgery. Breast augmentation and breast lift are known as “augmentation mastopexy” when performed together. Why is it common enough to have its own name? For many patients, it’s the path to the best possible results.

Adjusting Nipple Placement and Size

Many women are bothered by the sizes or the positions of their areolae and nipples. One common complaint is areolae (the area of dark skin around the nipple itself) that appear “too large” in relation to the rest of the breast. This can occur naturally or as an unwanted consequence of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Reshaping and repositioning the nipples and areolae is a typical component of breast reduction and breast lift surgeries here in Columbia, but it’s often added to breast augmentation, as well. By moving the nipples to a higher, more central location on the breast and reducing their size, a surgeon can bring them in proportion to the rest of the breast.

Reducing the Extent of Future Sagging

Sagging, called “ptosis” in the medical world, is inevitable for most women, simply because we can’t stop the march of time. On its own, adding implants to breasts can make them more susceptible to sagging later on, thanks to their added weight. Therefore, a lift may be recommended.

Restoring Volume

Many women who visit me for breast lift are also concerned about diminished breast volume, especially in the upper portion of the breasts. Combined with loose skin, this is often what gives breasts the “deflated” appearance that sends many women to a surgeon. While these women may be satisfied overall with the size of their breasts, small implants can restore shape and volume for a soft, youthful look that complements the results of the lift.

sea case

This case, from my photo gallery, is a good representation of the results when combining breast augmentation with lift: added volume and a higher position on the chest.

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