Can a Breast Lift Address Asymmetry?

Some women feel self-conscious because their breasts aren’t the same size. The truth is that breast asymmetry — having different sized breasts — is fairly common. In certain cases, however, the size difference is more noticeable and can make it difficult to find clothes and bathing suits that fit. When the asymmetry is coupled with sagging, it often can be corrected with a breast lift.

At my Columbia practice, I consult with women seeking cosmetic breast surgery who want to know how to correct uneven breasts. The best procedure to choose depends on the condition of the breast skin and tissue, as well as the aesthetic goals of the patient.

The optimal approach to surgery for patients concerned about uneven breast sizes depends on the principal reason for the asymmetry and whether the size difference can be minimized or eliminated through a breast lift alone.

If the primary cause is a difference in the degree of sagging (called ptosis), a breast lift alone is probably going to correct the unevenness. Sagging occurs for various reasons, including pregnancy, significant fluctuations in weight, and aging. Plastic surgeons are trained to make precise measurements, which can reveal asymmetry that is not even noticeable to the naked eye.

Incisions made during a breast lift include one that traces the border of the areola, so I can also address nipple asymmetry during mastopexy surgery. Additionally, reducing the size of the nipples is an option for patients who want that result.

What about when the size disparity between the breasts is significant? Those cases often call for breast augmentation using different sizes of implants. If the patient is concerned about both asymmetry and sagging, I’ll recommend combining breast augmentation with a breast lift to provide support for the implants.

Here’s a patient who chose to combine a breast lift with implants to correct sagginess and some minor unevenness of the breasts:

Columbia Breast Lift Before-and-After Photos

You can view additional cosmetic breast surgery cases in our photo gallery.

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