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Dr. Seaberg, a tummy tuck plastic surgeon in Columbia, MO, explains issues the surgery may solve.

Tummy Tuck: What Does It Really Do?

Going into any plastic surgery procedure with realistic expectations of your results is the key to long-term satisfaction here at my Columbia practice. Tummy tuck surgery is no different. While it's tempting to fantasize about recreating the abdomen of your teenage years, the truth is that a transformation that drastic simply isn't possible. Instead, my …

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Learn considerations before undergoing rhinoplasty in Columbia, MO.

Before You Schedule Your Rhinoplasty, Read This.

Thanks to its ability to improve the look of the entire face and bring other features into proportion, rhinoplasty is exceedingly popular with Columbia men and women of all ages. If you're considering the surgery, you already know the type of results it can create. But you may not be aware of the finer points …

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Is Tummy Tuck For You? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

The tummy tuck is popular because it can completely transform the abdomen, in a way that diet and exercise simply can't. Columbia men and women turn to a tummy tuck to give them the smooth, strong look they desire, removing excess skin, selectively reducing unwanted fat, and even repairing and strengthening abdominal muscles. That said, …

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Learn 4 important facts about breast reduction surgery in Columbia, MO.

4 Things to Know About Breast Reduction

Breast reduction gets much less attention than breast augmentation, but for the thousands of women who undergo the surgery each year, the results are every bit as meaningful. If you're considering breast reduction here at my Columbia office, here are 4 things you may not have considered about the surgery. It can make the gym …

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Tummy Tuck or Liposuction

Tummy Tuck or Liposuction: Which Is Best for Me?

It's a question our Columbia patients ask all the time. While tummy tuck and liposuction surgeries are closely related in their ultimate results -- a slimmer, fitter midsection -- they take different paths to achieve those results, depending on what your plastic surgeon is looking to correct. Here's some background on each procedure and tips …

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Choosing Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Choosing Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon: 5 Things to Consider

Finding the right rhinoplasty surgeon, whether you're here in Columbia or anywhere else, can feel like a difficult task. As you begin to venture into the maze of qualifications and credentials, here are some guidelines for what matters most. 1. Solid Education & Training Plastic surgeons spend a decade or more in training -- and …

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3 Ways Rhinoplasty Can Improve Your Profile

Patients considering cosmetic nose surgery, called rhinoplasty, at my Columbia practice often want to change the look of their noses but aren't sure exactly how. Some of the concerns that cause a nose to look out of harmony with the face have to do with overall profile. As many of us know, a photo taken …

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Never Too Old: Plastic Surgery After 65

One of the most important jobs I have is to thoroughly assess each patient's physical and emotional readiness to undergo a procedure, and one of the most common ways this comes up is when patients ask whether they are "too old" for plastic surgery. I hear this question often at my Columbia office, particularly for …

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