Should You Wait to Have a Breast Augmentation?

Getting a breast augmentation in Columbia, MO can be a gratifying experience that positively changes your life in more ways the one. Patients often ask me when is the right time to get breast implants. There is no one right answer for this question. What may be the right time for one person could be completely wrong for another. It depends on many contributing factors.

One common question about timing whether it’s a good idea to undergo breast augmentation before having children. A primary concern involves breastfeeding with implants. Research clearly establishes that it is safe to have children and nurse with breast implants, so if you decide to get the surgery now, you can breastfeed in the future.

It is difficult to predict how your breasts will change with pregnancy, nursing, and post-pregnancy weight loss. Having said that, there are a few ways to help you get an idea of how your breasts may be affected. Good predictors include:

  • Your breast size without implants
  • Genetics
  • Previous weight fluctuations

Fewer changes occur for women who start out with breasts on the smaller side. They grow a bit during pregnancy, but usually return to their normal size without much lasting change. On the other hand, women with fuller breasts prior to pregnancy may find their breasts look more deflated after breastfeeding.

Genetics also play a role. Ask your mother, grandmother, and sisters how pregnancy affected their breasts. If there was little change, chances are it will likely be similar for you. If family members noticed dramatic changes in their breast size, you should keep that in mind as you decide about the timing of breast augmentation.

Lastly, women who have experienced significant weight changes can think back to how their breasts were affected. Did they change drastically? If so, they may also change drastically with pregnancy.

Patients who don’t plan to have children for at least a couple years may want to move forward with breast augmentation. Keep in mind that a breast revision procedure may be needed after having children. We encourage you to visit our breast procedures page to learn more about the surgery. However, the best way to make a final decision is to schedule an personal consultation at my office, where I can share my expertise and help you weigh the options.

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