Woman in bra showing off the results achievable through breast augmentation surgery

When is Breast Augmentation Revision Needed?

Most patients are happy with the results of breast augmentation surgery. But at a certain point, breast augmentation revision is needed to help women adjust their look and continue to enjoy their implants. The reasons for breast augmentation revision are many. Some Columbia, MO, women choose to exchange implants during their revision procedure, and some …

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Close-up of woman having a professional bra fitting

Tips for Bra Shopping After Breast Augmentation

For my breast augmentation patients in Columbia, MO, one of the perks of the procedure is the chance to wear bra styles that they previously couldn't. The excitement surrounding your decision to get breast implants includes shopping for new clothes and bras that will highlight your new figure. In this blog post, I'll provide some …

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Woman in red dress considering having a subtle breast augmentation

The Subtle Breast Augmentation

We've been seeing a trend for a few years at our plastic surgery practice of breast augmentation patients preferring smaller implants, so the results look beautiful, but subtle. That "less is more" preference is held by professional women considering breast augmentation from Jefferson City and college students in Columbia, MO. In fact, the desire for …

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Breast Implants: How Much Research Should You Do?

More information is available at our fingertips regarding plastic surgery than ever before. Many of the women considering breast augmentation at our Columbia, MO, practice arrive at their consultations having researched every last detail about breast implants, including the size and type of implant. I encourage patients to research procedures they're considering, but I recommend …

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