Woman considering if a breast lift is right for her

What Is the Right Age for a Breast Lift?

Patients considering any form of aesthetic treatment or plastic surgery often wonder if they're the right age for the procedure. These questions usually come from women or men considering facial rejuvenation, but some women ask what's the best age for a breast lift. At my Columbia, MO, practice, the answer is that age isn't really …

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5 Myths About Sagging Breasts and Breast Lift Surgery

One of the unfortunate realities of aging for women is that breasts begin sagging. Skin loses its elasticity and gravity's pull overcomes the perkiness of youthful breasts. This process accelerates for women who have children because pregnancy stretches the skin and ligaments that help create a lifted appearance. Moms are probably the most common breast …

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Woman wearing long yoga pants standing on scale.

Getting a Breast Lift After Weight Loss

Improving your health by losing a significant amount of weight represents a major commitment. But the sense of accomplishment after shedding 50 or 100 pounds, or even more, may unfortunately be tempered by deflated breasts and excess skin that remain. Plastic surgery, such as a breast lift at our Columbia, MO, practice, can help. Breast …

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