The Wide World of Rhinoplasty: Reasons for a Nose Job

Reasons for a nose job! Click on the photo for more information!

Rhinoplasty is unique among facial plastic surgery procedures because it is most popular among patients 35 and younger. Most of the people who come in for rhinoplasty at my Columbia practice are young men and women concerned about their noses’ appearance. But cosmetic nose jobs for young people are only one reason for rhinoplasty.

There are really 3 general categories of people who decide to get rhinoplasty surgery. Check out those categories of patients and how I tailor the procedure to meet their needs:

  • A younger person who is concerned about size, crookedness, or a noticeable hump: Cosmetic concerns are the most common reason for people to get rhinoplasty. I usually recommend that teenagers younger than 16 or 17 wait until they’re a little bit older to make sure their noses are completely developed. Depending on the specific concern, I can perform either an open or closed rhinoplasty.
  • An older person concerned about the appearance of his or her nose, which may be related to aging: Age-related issues might be a drooping tip or thickening nasal skin. Skin loses its elasticity as it ages, and it may begin drooping around the tip of the nose and look like a bump. Additionally, nasal skin thickens as we age, which can have an impact on the results of nose surgery. It can be more difficult to sculpt the desired definition in older patients with thick nose skin. I refine the surgical technique used based on my assessment of the patient’s skin type.
  • A person of any age who has difficulty breathing through the nose: Chronic breathing problems that are caused by injury or deformities, such as a deviated septum, can be corrected with rhinoplasty. The surgical approach in these cases depends on what’s causing the breathing problems. If you suffered a broken nose, cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty may be combined to both improve breathing and the appearance of the nose.

Rhinoplasty is considered one of the more complicated types of facial plastic surgery, so it’s important to find a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure, no matter what category you fall into.

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  • Stella Burnett says:

    I have an appt for consultation,on June 18.and was wondering about the bill.a will it be sent to my insurance?I am disabled and can’t afford a big bill.

    • Blog Admin says:

      Hi Stella, Dr. Seaberg offers complimentary consultations and will discuss payment options with you during your consultation.

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