Tips for Bra Shopping After Breast Augmentation

Close-up of woman having a professional bra fitting

For my breast augmentation patients in Columbia, MO, one of the perks of the procedure is the chance to wear bra styles that they previously couldn’t. The excitement surrounding your decision to get breast implants includes shopping for new clothes and bras that will highlight your new figure.

In this blog post, I’ll provide some useful tips about shopping for bras after breast augmentation that many patients may not consider.

Post-Surgical Bras

Before planning a trip to your favorite lingerie store, understand that you may need to wear surgical or exercise bras during the healing process. These may not be the sexiest bras, but they’re designed to be comfortable, help prevent the implants from shifting, minimize friction on your incisions, and limit swelling. Breast augmentation patients who lead active lifestyles may already have sports bras at home that may still fit. Our office can point you in the right direction if you have questions about what to look for in a post-surgical bra.

Get a Professional Fitting

This is the first step to take before actually shopping for new bras. Even though you probably will have a good idea of your new bra size, getting measurements from a professional can ensure your new bras provide appropriate support. Another plus is that a fitting specialist can suggest different styles to complement your new breasts.

Postpone Your Shopping Spree

It’s understandable that breast augmentation patients are eager to shop for a drawer-full of sexy new bras, but it’s important to wait before pulling out the credit cards. Even after the incisions have healed and you feel completely fine, you’ll need to give your breasts time to settle. A bra that fits well 6 weeks after the surgery may feel and look much differently a few months later. I recommend that patients wait 6 months before buying expensive bras. Another reason to wait: Underwire bras can restrict blood flow and cause irritation to your healing incisions.

It’s Time to Be Adventurous

Once the residual swelling is gone and you’ve had a professional bra fitting, don’t settle for the same ole, same ole when choosing your new bras. Go ahead and splurge on a favorite bra or two. Rather than sticking with the tried and true bra favorites you had before surgery, try a bit of everything. You may be surprised at how well new bra styles fit.

Now that your old bras no longer fit, consider donating them to organizations which provide bras for women who can’t afford new bras. Just Google the phrase, “donating used bras” and you’ll find plenty of established groups who can help.

If you’re looking in Columbia, MO, for a breast augmentation specialist, you can contact our office to request a consultation or call us at (573) 443-550 to schedule an appointment. I also encourage you to visit our gallery of before-and-after photos that feature my actual patients.

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