Why Fall Is “Plastic Surgery Season”

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Is there really a popular season for plastic surgery? At my Columbia, MO, practice, as well as plastic surgery practices around the country, women and men tend to schedule cosmetic surgery during the fall months for a variety of reasons. It’s not that undergoing surgery at other time of the year isn’t a good idea, but there some benefits associated with scheduling a breast augmentation or tummy tuck in October that can’t be matched in the spring or summer.

In this blog post, I’ll explain some of the reasons you may want to consider fall for your plastic surgery:


Recovery following cosmetic surgery involves spending a few days mostly indoors taking it easy. It’s more enticing to do that during the cooler fall months. And when patients start to get outside more, they appreciate that they can wear layers of clothes or accessories that conceal post-op compression garments and dressings, or potential swelling and bruising. Our hot, sticky summers are no time for layers.


Patients often view their recovery as a good chance to wind down after a summer filled with traveling, time spent in the sun, and lots of outdoor activities. Plastic surgery procedures that involve incisions made on exposed areas require patients to stay out of the sun to avoid darkening scars, and fall is a good time to rest indoors. Additionally, lakes and pools contain bacteria and microbes, which can cause infections in the incision locations. Enjoy your days by the lake all summer, and be ready to relax inside with a good book this fall, after your surgery.

Personal Time

With children back in school, you’ll finally have the days to yourself. Once you get past the busy back-to-school season, life tends to settle into a familiar pattern in which you can have some peace and quiet during your recovery. You’ll still need to arrange for car pools and child care, as well as someone to do household chores and cooking, during your recovery. But having a block of time to yourself is another good reason to schedule surgery in the fall.

Be Ready for the Holidays

Many patients want to look their best for the holiday season, so scheduling plastic surgery in the fall gives them enough time for the final results of a facelift or body contouring procedure to be seen. You can look forward to fitting into that slinky cocktail dress that’s been hanging in your closet for years.

Each situation is unique, of course, and the recovery following breast augmentation is typically going to be much shorter and less complicated than recovering from a tummy tuck.

Talk to Your Doctor: Your consultation is your opportunity to address all your questions and concerns. Be ready to plan ahead so you’ll have the most comfortable recovery possible.

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