Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Significant weight loss, either through dietary changes or surgery, is a life-changing accomplishment. But due to excess, sagging skin, many people require body contouring plastic surgery once they reach their weight loss goals. Columbia plastic surgeon Dr. John J. Seaberg works with bariatric surgeons in Jefferson City and throughout mid-Missouri to coordinate body contouring surgical procedures to complete each patient’s transformation.

If excess skin is keeping you from looking your best after weight loss surgery, request a consultation online with Dr. Seaberg to find out more information about your options. Or, call (573) 443-5500 to schedule an appointment.

John J. Seaberg, MD, FACS

Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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John J. Seaberg, MD, FACS credentials
John J. Seaberg, MD, FACS credentials

Thank you for the wonderful experience I had as your patient. I always felt welcome & well-treated in your care and I greatly appreciate it. You guys are awesome!

Is Body Contouring Surgery Right for Me?

Younger weight loss patients with more elastic skin often find their skin shrinks to their bodies’ new shape. Unfortunately, most people who shed 50 to 100 pounds or more are left with excess skin on their arms, thighs, and abdomen. Up to 70% of patients have body contouring surgery after extreme weight loss. If your weight is stable and you have no underlying health issues, you are likely a good candidate for body contouring surgery.

The Body Contouring Procedure

Body contouring surgery isn’t a single procedure. Depending on your skin’s elasticity, you might be a candidate for a facelift, breast lift, or tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). These procedures are performed separately, with a waiting period of several months between each one to allow your body to heal completely.

The First Step in Body Contouring Surgery

If you are still considering having weight-loss surgery, Dr. Seaberg can coordinate with your bariatric surgeon to plan your post-weight loss procedures. If you’ve already undergone extreme weight loss, Dr. Seaberg will use the initial consultation to thoroughly evaluate your medical history and current physical health, and explain the surgical options available. Dr. Seaberg’s years of surgical experience and training are reassuring when you’re undergoing what is a stressful, but rewarding period in your life. He takes the time to answer all of your questions and will provide detailed pre- and post-operative instructions.

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