Dr. Seaberg

Dr. John J. Seaberg

Think of the words you’d use to describe the best plastic surgeons in Columbia, Jefferson City, and throughout Missouri. Trustworthy, of course. Board certified. Experienced and innovative. Professional. Caring.

It’s a description tailored for Dr. John J. Seaberg. He has performed countless plastic surgery procedures but remains at the cutting edge of his field. His demeanor communicates both professional authority and personal warmth. And he earns the trust of his patients, listening closely during consultations and offering his expertise to help guide them to their cosmetic surgery goals.

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Experienced & Personable

Training and experience matter in plastic surgery. Equally important is the ability to communicate with patients, listening to their aesthetic goals and desires. Dr. Seaberg combines the technical skills he’s honed during his career with a natural ability to connect with people on a personal level.

Whether a woman is seeking a breast lift after having children or a patient wants to improve the shape of his or her nose through rhinoplasty, Dr. Seaberg will walk patients through each step of the procedure.

Dr. Seaberg is certified by both the American Board of Surgery and The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has practiced in Columbia since 1987, when he finished at the University of Missouri as chief resident of plastic surgery. His medical education began at the University of Oklahoma, where he earned his medical degree in 1980.

“I get my greatest professional satisfaction when I can change someone’s shape in an aesthetically pleasing way. When the patient can’t believe how good the result is, that makes me the happiest.”

– Dr. Seaberg

Read the following conversation to learn how a boyhood experience led him into the medical field and what guides his practice today:

A Conversation With Dr. Seaberg

When did you first consider becoming a doctor?

I witnessed someone suffer a traumatic injury when I was a teenager, and the man died because nobody at the scene had medical training. I knew from that day on that I wanted to be the person who would know what to do if that situation ever happened again.

What attracted you to plastic surgery?

I’ve been interested in art and geometry my entire life. I think I was destined to become a surgeon. In medical school I found that the surgeons with the most elegant technique and who performed the most delicate, complicated procedures were often plastic surgeons. I was attracted to both the challenges and high level of expertise that come with being a plastic surgeon.

As a plastic surgeon practicing for more than 25 years, what are some of the most significant advances you’ve seen?

The increased use of injectable treatments to correct and enhance contours is certainly one of the biggest advances in that time. They are effective, affordable, and the changes aren’t permanent if a patient doesn’t like the result. Many of my patients desire subtle, natural-looking changes, and I’ve found that injectables such as BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM® help me deliver those kinds of results.

Is it necessary to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon for those kind of non-surgical cosmetic treatments?

It certainly doesn’t hurt, and the cost of having a board-certified plastic surgeon administer a treatment often isn’t that much more than having someone with less training perform the procedure. Why not consult with the person who has the most expertise?

How important is the consultation with a new patient?

It’s extremely important. It’s my opportunity to really listen to the patient and understand the results they want. I also have the chance to give the patient the information they need to decide if a procedure is right for them. My consultations are a little longer than what’s considered standard. I think that lets people know that their well-being and their happiness with the procedure are incredibly important to me.

What sets you apart from other plastic surgeons?

I think the degree to which I make myself available to patients. It’s not unusual for me to meet with a patient multiple times before surgery. That lets patients know I’ll be there every step of the way after surgery, also.

What is your guiding plastic surgery philosophy?

Listen to the patient! Both before and after surgery, the patient has vital information that can help me make good decisions in the operating room and also help me do everything I can to make their recovery as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

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