Erica decided to have Dr. Seaberg perform her breast augmentation after meeting him and hearing the physicians she worked for praise his skills. In this video Erica describes her experience as a patient and offers some advice.

Dr. Seaberg values the trust of his plastic surgery patients who visit from Jefferson City and throughout mid-Missouri. Please read what just a few had to say about their experiences with Dr. Seaberg at his plastic surgery practice in Columbia, Missouri.

“After a healthy choice to lose weight, I found myself with excess skin. I had always (20+ yrs) had a “pooch” and after meeting with Dr. Seaberg, I finally felt comfortable enough to finally do something about it. He was GREAT. I had the tummy tuck done almost 7 weeks ago. I was instantly happy with my results. The only regret is that I didn’t meet Dr. Seaberg earlier! I highly recommend him. He listens.”
–Tammie, Boonville, MO
“I first went for a visit with Dr. Seaberg about a mole removal on my face and was worried that insurance wouldn’t cover the cost. After Dr. Seaberg looked at it and removed it, the test results came back. It showed a precancerous cell. Insurance covered the procedure. Now, you can’t see where this mole was, it was right under my nose, a very noticeable spot. After I had this procedure I began to wonder about having a breast reduction. Something I had only dreamed about having done. I made a consultation appointment with him. We talked about insurance covering the surgery, the surgery itself, plus recovery. I had watched videos of the surgery prior to my appointment so I had many questions for him and his staff. They addressed all my concerns and issues. I was very comfortable with my decision to finally have this surgery and for Dr. Seaberg to do it! I had been waiting 20 years to do this and never felt comfortable with anyone else. After months of the nurses working with my insurance companies, I was ready to set a surgery date! It has almost been a year since surgery and I am now comfortable with my breast size and shape! I never thought I would say that. Dr. Seaberg did an excellent job, I’m so happy with my results; I wish I hadn’t waited 20 years to do this! I will be going back if any suspicious moles appear.”
–Sarah, Ashland, MO
“Dr. Seaberg was recommended to me by my optometrist in Columbia; whom, I am sure, sees many who have had blepharoplasty surgery. He assured me that Dr. Seaberg does a great job and that his results are excellent. I initially visited Dr. Seaberg in September of 2011, and photos were taken for submission to my insurance company for pre-authorization. After much help from Dr. Seaberg’s office assistant with my insurance company, the surgery date was set for December 16. It has been three weeks; and, I must say, I am very happy with my results, thus far. I had no bruising and very little swelling. (I did my best to follow Dr. Seaberg’s pre-operative and post-operative instructions.) I believe my eyelids are healing nicely and that I will be very happy with the final results. I highly recommend Dr. Seaberg to anyone. He is well studied, experienced, and dedicated to achieving excellent results.”
–Sue, Columbia, MO
“Dr. Seaberg was recommended to me by a friend who had gotten breast implants. After having two children, I wanted to improve the appearance of my breasts when I was without a bra, but without noticeably changing their appearance when I was wearing a bra. One of the reasons I chose Dr. Seaberg was his considerate manner. I met with him several times prior to the surgery. He patiently listened to my concerns and addressed each issue thoroughly. Rather than dictating a course of action, he listed the pros and cons of each option and let me decide what I wanted to do and what “look” I wanted for myself. My surgery and recovery went without complications and I am very happy with my new look. Dr. Seaberg and his staff were all wonderful through the whole process. I can highly recommend him to anyone considering breast implants.”
–Melissa, Hannibal, MO
“Dr. Seaberg took every possible step to avoid post-surgery nausea and I did not experience any negative effects from the anesthesia as I had in my past surgery. My breast implants look GORGEOUS! I joke that I could not have ordered a more perfect pair of breasts! Six of my friends have now gone to Dr. Seaberg for their implants over the past five months and they are all very happy with the Doctor’s work. Dr. Seaberg is a skillful plastic surgeon who cares about his patients and takes time to ensure that his work is a mere masterpiece before calling it a day. My husband tried to encourage me to find a plastic surgeon in St. Louis to perform the work, (Columbia is 2+ hour drive each way), but I was adamant on Dr. Seaberg because of my friend’s recommendation and success she had. I felt much more comfortable going with a personal referral than picking someone from the yellow pages. I am very confident that I made the right decision and stuck to my gut instinct to proceed with my procedure and allow Dr. Seaberg to fulfill my vision of a more balanced body.”
–Starla, Saint Charles, MO
“I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I am with the results of my surgery. The only apprehension I had going into this was knowing what a perfectionist I am and knowing I had to accept the fact that my breasts may not be the exact picture I had in my head following augmentation. Boy was I wrong! I couldn’t be more happy or excited to have made the decision and with such a fantastic physician! THANK YOU! There isn’t a thing I would change at all about my results! If I knew now that I would be this satisfied I’d pay double. This really was a great journey for me!”
–Heather, Kirksville, MO
“I went to Dr. Seaberg to see about breast implants. I had 3 kids in 3 years and I nursed all 3 of them. I wanted my breasts to be like they were before children. Before my surgery I went back 2 times worried I had picked out too big of an implant. After talking with Dr. Seaberg I understood how it worked and about how many cc’s it takes to make you go up a cup size. He would be the one to call me back when I would call his office and ask about things I did not understand (most doctors have their nurse call you back, this meant a lot to me). If you are looking for a surgeon then look to Dr. Seaberg. He is a caring doctor that will take his time with you. And my outcome was even better than I thought it would be. I am very pleased with what I had done and plan to have him do more work on me real soon.”
–Rhonda, Hannibal, MO
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