Women spend a lot of time and money trying to create longer, thicker eyelashes, either with makeup or artificial eyelash extensions. In Columbia, Dr. John J. Seaberg can simplify your beauty routine with a LATISSE prescription. This at-home eyelash enhancement treatment is used daily to provide you with the luxurious eyelashes that many women covet.

If you’ve been thinking about trying LATISSE, request a consultation online, or call Dr. Seaberg’s office at (573) 443-5500 to schedule an appointment.

John J. Seaberg, MD, FACS

Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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John J. Seaberg, MD, FACS credentials
John J. Seaberg, MD, FACS credentials

I highly recommend Dr. Seaberg to anyone. He is well studied, experienced, and dedicated to achieving excellent results.

Am I a Good Candidate for LATISSE?

LATISSE-enhanced lashes may be for you if you are unhappy with the length, thickness, or color of your lashes. LATISSE eliminates the need to apply mascara or artificial lashes, saving you time while promoting the growth of lashes. It can also being a finishing touch on a facial rejuvenation package that could include procedures such as dermal fillers or eyelid surgery.

You shouldn’t use LATISSE if you’re taking antibiotics or heart medications or if you suffer severe allergies. Pregnant women also should not use LATISSE.

How Do You Use LATISSE?

You apply LATISSE daily by dabbing it along the lash line of the upper eyelids using sterile applicators that come with each dose. Lashes grow gradually; after about 4 months they will be noticeably longer and thicker. Once you’re satisfied with the appearance of your eyelashes, which usually takes about 16 weeks, you can maintain your progress by using LATISSE every other day rather than daily. If you stop using the product, your lashes will lose their length and fullness.

Your LATISSE Consultation

When you meet with Dr. Seaberg, he will discuss your personal health history and provide details about using LATISSE. If you are interested in additional cosmetic procedures, you can talk to him about those at your consultation.

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